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November 16, 2016

Dan Weaver/ The Bookhound

From the Archives-Episode 112, May 20, 2016-Dan Weaver tells the story of how Montgomery County men made it possible for Ulysses S. Grant to spend his last days writing his memoirs at Mount McGregor in Saratoga County. Dan Weaver owns Amsterdam’s Bookhound bookstore and writes a history column for the Amsterdam Recorder. Also on ITunes

November 12, 2016

Talk of The Town

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan with Bob Cudmore on Talk of The Town. Magic 590 WROW and 100.5FM Topics this week, the election and issues in the city of Albany.

November 11, 2016

Christopher Kelly/An Adventure

Episode 137-Christopher Kelly, editor of “An Adventure in 1914: The True Story of an American Family’s Journey on the Brink of World War I” by T. Tileston Wells. Also on ITunes

November 09, 2016

Mark Zwonitzer on The Historians

From the Archives, Wednesday, November 9, 2016- Episode 114, June 3, 2016- documentary filmmaker Mark Zwonitzer is author of “The Statesman and the Storyteller: John Hay, Mark Twain, and the Rise of American Imperialism.” Also on ITunes

November 04, 2016

Annette Libeskind Berkovits /The Historians

Episode 136-Annette Libeskind Berkovits is author of “In the Unlikeliest of Places.” The memoir tells the story of her father, Nachman Libeskind, who survived the Nazis in Poland and the gulags of the Soviet Union, ending up as a respected artist in the United States. Also on ITunes

November 02, 2016

Lincoln and the Jews

From the Archives- Episode 110, May 6, 2016-Brandeis University professor Jonathan Sarna has stories from his book “Lincoln and the Jews.” Also on ITunes

October 29, 2016

Talk of The Town/October 29, 2016

Bob Cudmore interviews Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan on Magic590 WROW. Also on 100.5FM

October 28, 2016

War on The Middleline/Jim Richmond

Episode 135-James Richmond, author of “War on the Middleline – The Founding of a Community in the Kayaderossras Patent in the Midst of the American Revolution.” (, 2016) Events described in Richmond’s book took place in Saratoga County, New York. Also on ITunes.

October 26, 2016

Schoharie Crossing

From the Archives-Episode 50, March 8, 2015-David Brooks has excerpts from an 1869 journal written by a Fort Hunter man. David is education coordinator at Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site in Fort Hunter. Also on ITunes

October 21, 2016

Lost Radio Rounders

Episode 134-Tom Lindsay, who performs with Michael Eck as the Lost Radio Rounders, has songs from American Presidential elections going back to an 1840 musical tribute to Martin Van Buren. Also on ITunes

October 19, 2016

Mohawk Valley Conference/2015

From the Archives- Episode 60, May 10, 2015-Bob Cudmore with interviews from the 2015 conference on the American Revolution in the Mohawk Valley: Jim Kirby Martin, Don Hagist, Kyle Jenks, Jacqueline Murphy, John Warren and Brian Mack. Also on ITunes

October 15, 2016

Talk of The Town/October 15, 2016

Talk of The Town with Bob Cudmore and Troy Mayor Patrick Madden on Magic590 WROW. Also on 100.5FM

October 14, 2016

Matt Ryan/WMHT

Episode 133-Matt Ryan of WMHT public television discusses his documentary, “Mario Cuomo: Poetry and Prose,” that makes use of archival video from the long-running statewide program “Inside Albany.” Also on ITunes

October 12, 2016

Lawrence Gooley/Adirondacks

From the Archives-Episode 49, February 27, 2015-Lawrence Gooley, author of "Terror in the Adirondacks," the story of serial killer Robert Garrow.

October 08, 2016

Talk of The Town/October 8, 2016

Bob Cudmore interviews Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan each week on Magic590WROW also on 100.5FM

October 07, 2016

Don Rittner/The Vale

Episode 132-Don Rittner discusses his latest book, “The History of the Vale: Schenectady’s Historic Rural Cemetery.” Rittner is a former city and county historian in Schenectady. Also on ITunes

October 05, 2016

Julia Blackwelder/GE

From the Archives- Episode 34, November 07, 2014-Julia Blackwelder, history professor, Schenectady County native and author of “Electric City: General Electric in Schenectady” Also on ITunes

October 01, 2016

Talk of The Town

Talk of The Town with Bob Cudmore and Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan on Magic590WROW. Also on 100.5FM

September 30, 2016

Janet Lee Berg/The Historians

Episode 131-Janet Lee Berg discusses her historical novel “Rembrandt’s Shadow.” (Post Hill Press, 2016) Her book is based on the true story of her husband Bruce Berg’s family during the Holocaust in the Netherlands. Two of his ancestors were art dealers who traded valuable paintings to the Nazis for Jewish lives.

September 29, 2016

Edward Larson/George Washington

From the Archives-Episode 30, October 10, 2014-Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Larson, author of “The Return of George Washington: 1783-1789" (Harper Collins-William Morrow, 2014)

September 25, 2016

Tara Hime Norman on The Historians

Episode 130-Tara Hime Norman has worked five years on her book “The Vindication of Lewis M. Roach” that makes the case that a Montgomery County trial convicted the wrong man in a sensational 1913 murder.

September 24, 2016

Talk of The Town/Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bob Cudmore interviews Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan each week on Magic590WROW. Also on 100.5FM

September 21, 2016

Maria Riccio Bryce/Hearts of Fire

From the Archives-Episode 46, February 06, 2015-Maria Riccio Bryce tells of her musical Hearts of Fire that tells the story of the burning of Schenectady by the French and Indians in 1690. She has re-issued the CD of the original cast recording.

September 17, 2016

Talk of The Town/September 17, 2016

Bob Cudmore interviews Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan on Magic590WROW. Also on 100.5FM
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