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Stories from the Mohawk Valley

The Painted Rocks, the Good Benedict Arnold and More

Nestled in upstate New York along the banks of the Mohawk River are the communities of the Mohawk Valley. These villages, towns and cities have unique histories but are inextricably tied together.  The mills, railroads and the Erie Canal sustained early growth; the Painted Rocks beautified the landscape; and tales from the local Mohawk Nation still enrich the folklore.

Many remarkable individuals have called the Mohawk Valley home, including psychedelic philosopher Benjamin Paul Blood, actor Kirk Douglas, Fonda’s Queen Libby, “The Daiquiris,” bandleader Alex Torres, controversial Amsterdam mayor Theron Akin, singer Arlene Fontana, banker Pasquale DiMezza and the unofficial Polish mayor of Amsterdam Michael J. Wytrwal,.

For over a decade, local native Bob Cudmore has documented the interesting, important and unusual stories from the region’s past in his weekly Focus on History column in the Daily Gazette.  He has compiled over 40 of the best stories in the new book and included numerous photos and illustrations.

As Amsterdam city historian Robert von Hasseln states in the foreword, “Bob’s stories capture universal qualities, and because they do, anyone can see something of his or her own hometown experiences in them.”

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