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You Can't Go Wrong

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Enjoy Bob Cudmore's humorous and poignant tales of life in Nero, a declining Upstate New York mill town, where the creek used to smell and the mills have moved south. It's a place where fault-finding is so common that "I don't blame you" is a compliment.

The City of Nero was named for an arsonist Roman emperor because all the good classical names had been commandeered by other upstate communities by the time Nero was founded. You'll laugh and you'll cry when you visit Nero, the city where cheerfulness is not a common emotion.

Bob Cudmore's book about Nero, You Can't Go Wrong: Stories from Nero, NY & Other Tales, may be purchased by mail. Please send signing instructions and a check for $9.00 to Nero Publishing, Bob Cudmore, 125 Horstman Drive, Scotia, N.Y. 12302. The book retails for $5; the mail order price includes postage, handling and sales tax if applicable.

The book is available at Old Peddler’s Wagon, 175 Church St., the Book Hound, 16 East Main St. in Amsterdam, other bookstores and online at

In You Can't Go Wrong, you'll find that people in Nero speak their own language -- "you can't go wrong," describes a $2.99 dinner special; "it never fails," acknowledges the inevitability of life's catastrophes and "you've got to take care of your own" are words to live by in any multi-ethnic location.

Illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas of Benas Art Studio, Latham, New York. Original music on the audio version by John Sciolino and John Stickle.

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October 05, 2015
YCGW Episode 11 The book ends with tales from real life--including the story of two radio legends, Bill Pope and Dusty Miller. Download MP3
September 28, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong Episode 10 Here are some Other Tales from the book--including the classic "Whatever Happened to the Russian Lady." Download MP3
September 21, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong-Episode 9 -Life in a northern town, Nero negativity, Y2K, ignored by Gore. 13:00 Download MP3
September 14, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong-Episode 8 -Nothing good ever happens in Nero, the sporting life, a depressing city, it never fails. 13:47 Download MP3
September 13, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong-Episode 7-Ruth Peterson story, women's work in Nero, if you tear it down will they come, John Jablonski column. 21:00 Download MP3
September 11, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong-Episode 6-Local flavor is disappearing, pillar of society is pilloried, a Nero upbringing, "Bear Mountain Road" by John Sciolino. 12:24 Download MP3
September 09, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong-Episode 5-"My Old Town" by John Sciolino, Keepthemundaville, group homes. 13m Download MP3
September 08, 2015
Episode 4-Phila Street Rag by John Sciolino and Nor'easter, urban renewal, what's in a name, the Ajax Museum, you've got to take care of your own. 13:58 Download MP3
September 07, 2015
Episode 3- Spring in Nero, summer in Nero, gambling, cemetery hill. 14:04 Download MP3
September 03, 2015
Episode 2-You can't go wrong, John Sciolino and Nor'easter with Where the Road Leads, Christmas in Nero. 11:07 Download MP3
September 01, 2015
You Can't Go Wrong Episode 1-Upstate upbringing, guide to Nero and acknowledgements. 15:18 Download MP3